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    Stressed and wanna quit my job and move far away

    Hi I’m a nyc correction officer and hate my job. I wanna quit and move far away and get Medicaid while unemployed to pay for my treatment. Is this a plausible option? And yes, I’m looking for another career
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    Health Insurance

    Hello, I have not been on the forums for a while because I've been in remission for some time. During that time, I had an insurance through my employer which covered my outpatient Remicade infusions in NY's Mount Sinai. I only had to pay a 75 dollar co payment. I recently accepted a City job...
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    Surgery Is Next Week. Support Is Much Appreciated

    Wish me luck. May God give me strength
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    Yep, Surgery

    First I got crohns disease, That was a big hit. But Than I recovered. Than I got Rheumatoid arthritis. But Than I recovered. Than my love broke my heart(not so important because my life/health is number 1). I recovered. And now I have an infection/Anal festula/ inflammation in rectum. Strike...
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    EXTREME Pain During Bowel Movements

    When ever I use the bathroom it feels like I am pooping glass. The pain is so unbearable that it nearly brings me to tears, It makes me want to scream from pain. I went to 2 different G.I's and a rectal surgeon. The G.I's said it was an anal fistula, the surgeon said it was anal crohns. What do...
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    How long is recovery time after anal fistula surgery?

    At first it was nothing, accordingly to my Gi. but recently it feels like im pooping glass. Then they told me i got a anal fistula. They prescribed me flagyl, but I experience horrible side effects: dizziness, weakness, extreme migrains, vomiting, etc... its not for sure im going to have the...
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    I just wanted to see what music you listen to when your crohns get the best of you. This is one of my top 10 favorite; (SKIP TO 2:57) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MW7EW8FJKW4 "emotions get the best of me Messed up and then y'all get the rest of me Depressed and stressed, Feel like my...
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    Has Any One Tried This No Dairy, No Wheat, Gluten Free Protein Bars?

    http://www.glutensmart.com/purefit.html I want to buy this BUT is this website legit? has any one bought anything from this website before? Because this bars are what I have been looking for. But I need reassurance that this is not a scam (I never bought food online lol)
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    What Career/Job Do You Have?

    Since I got diagnose with Arthritis & Crohn's disease I need to switch my major and career. But I have no idea whats a good profession for someone with crohns disease and arthritis. Initially I was going to join the army but got denied from my conditions what career do you have?
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    I'm Pissed Off

    I have crohns disease. I know this. Everyone has been getting under my skin lately. no matter where i go, I am always reminded of the person I use to be. all my friends keep asking me why did I lose weight. how did I lose all my muscles. Lately I have been seeing people I have not seen in years...
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    How Would You Handle This? My Older Brother Told Me To Die From Colon Cancer

    I have an older brother who is a complete a-hole. The other day we got in a argument. He told me to die from colon cancer and if there was anyone to get this disease, he was happy that it was me. He continued to make fun of how I lost my weight, calling me a skinny piece of shit. How would you...
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    Lets Play A Game! The Lying Down Game!

    This looks funny. I'll post a few links to show you how to play. http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/entry/22748484/30318324 http://www.thisis50.com/profiles/blogs/planking-the-lying-down-game
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    Can You Get Pain Killers For Crohn's Disease?

    Do any of you get prescribed pain killers for your crohns disease / IBD?
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    Whats the Crohn's Disease symbol?

    I want to get a tattoo, symbol of crohns disease but I can not find sufficient proof that it is crohns disease symbol.... any other great tattoo ideas representing this disease will be much appreciated
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    My Butt Hole Hurts. What is it?

    My stomach is fine. I have solid poop. But recently I been seeing some blood on my toilet paper, and my butt hole hurts :eek2: .I put my finger in there and felt a peel that hurted. wth is that? how do i get rid of it? also when I poop its been more difficult than usual. a little more painful...
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    Hi please read my dramatic story w/ great success so far

    Diagnosed when I was 19, currently am 20. make a short story short. This took my life, but am slowly working things out. Got so ill to the point where I used the bathroom 30 times a day. Got so ill that I could not walk anymore from the arthritis joint pain. Under both of my feet got inflamed...