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    Fatty acid

    Just wondering if anyone has had any success with short chain fatty acid enemas(butyrate)
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    Life with stomabag

    My son has been struggling with Crohn's for so long and tried every medication. He is going to be 18 soon and feels he's missing out on life. We have talked about surgery,but don't know anybody who has done it .I would really appreciate if anybody could let me know if surgery helps and if...
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    We're looking at possible surgery at this point,since Max has been sick for almost a year now.Has anyone here had stricturplasty?or we might be looking at a resection.I also want to get a second opinion,can anyone recommend a good colorectal surgeon in the Chicagoland area?Wanted to go to...
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    Not sure what to do here

    My son(14) has had diarrhea now for a few weeks.It even leaks out during the night sometimes.The bloodwork looks good,though. We did an x-ray to see if he was constipated to see if he is leaking around that,but x-ray looked good,no constipation.He goes to the bathroom about 3 times a day(down...
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    Allergic to vancomycin?

    We just found out that Max(12) has c-diff again.3 days after starting vanc he woke up with a puffy eye,itchy fingers and a rash on his back and stomach.It got better with Benadryl but now I don't know if we should continue treatment.He is also allergic to Flagyl.I don't know if there are any...
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    I was just wondering something about body aches.My son (12) has Crohn's and he is finally in remission thanks to Humira.One thing he keeps complaining about is that his body,muscles or bones,maybe both,hurts most of the time.Not extreme pain,he just feels like an old man he says.He can't really...
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    Carafate and lansoprazole

    Max(11) just started these meds today after they saw a bunch of ulcers in his intestines at today's colonoscopy.Just wondering if anybody out there has used them.If this doesn't work we have to do a picc line.This stinks.
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    C-diff for the third time

    c-diff for the third time Max (11)has now been hit with c-diff for the third time and it's back with a vengeance.Fever and tons of gas and diarrea.And really bad stomachaches. How much can one little guy take?This time we are trying vancocin with some florastor. Started last night with not much...
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    c-diff Looks like my son Max (11) is having c-diff again. We just finished Flagyl a few weeks ago and we're back to bloody stools and a lot of bathroom-visits.It seems to be different from a regular flare-up because there really aren't any stomachaches.Tomorrow we go in for bloodwork and...
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    Failing Remicade?

    Hi everybody on Remicade. My son has been on Remicade for a year now and he just had a treatment yesterday. The day before, he seemed like he was having a flare.Tummyache, going to the bathroom a lot, and some blood. Today he's back to feeling great. Does this mean that he's starting to build up...
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    Rash with Remicade

    rash with Remicade My son(10 years old) has developed some sort of rash on his arms. Red,raised, but not itchy. It seems to spread slowly. He has been on Remi for almost a year. Could this be from the Remi and do I need to make yet another doc app? Does anybody know anything about this?