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What is happening? Please help

Last week I had eye pain, and was sensitive to light (bright lights hurt my eyes). Then it went away.

Yesterday, my eyes were killing me. The pain goes up into my forehead and it gave me a headache. Bright lights also hurt my eyes again and when I looked at my pupils they seem to be confused about whether they should be open or closed? The eye pain has gone again today though, but my pupils are still acting up?

I seem to be flaring again but it is on and off and it is confusing me as I have no idea what is going on. I finished my pred dose a couple of days ago.

I have emailed my GI and he said to go back to 25mg pred if I am still bothered until I see him again (I see him in 2 days). Do you think my eyes are related to the flare? I have never had this before, so confused
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Hi,whenever I has a flare my my eyes are the same but I get one that swels up, I would say ur like me its due to having a flare up, I find sometimes lieng in my room with no lights can ease it a bit
Go to your doctor and mybe you can ask for a head cut scan asmy problem with my eyes are when I'm having a flare up my eye gets worse
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You may be experiencing an EIM(extra intestinal manifestation) of Crohns disease. EIMs can affect eyes, skin, joints etc. Some will run concurrently with active flares and some run independently. You would need to see an ophthalmologist that is familiar with CD and eye manifestations like uveitis, scleritis etc
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I have Episcliritis as an EIM but, thankfully, it doesnt sound as extreme as your condition. My GI sent me to an opthamologist. Now I'm fighting my insurance company for the prescription for eye drops because they insist i use OTC drops; which do not work as well.
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Thanks for the responses. It's calmed down again but I think it's time to see an opthamologist, I'm getting worried about it. I've also had terrible joint pain in my major joints, and as of yesterday mouth ulcers/blood blisters. Think I am flaring so lucky I see my GI tomorrow so he can sort me out and give me a referral to the opthamologist. Only just finished my Pred course and I think he will probably put me back on, ugh!

Crohns sucks!
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See and opthomologist who specializes in dry eyes and other eye diseases. Dry eyes are painful and can cause sensitivity to light as well as pain and blurry vision.
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Hello, I just read this post and have had very similar problems. At times it felt like my eyes were full of sand. They hurt and water to a point that I literally can't see. I think it related to the high doses of prednisone that I was on at the time.
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When I was on prednisone I found it really affected the pressure in my eyes. I'm a chronic migrainer, but I know that set it off for me a lot. I ended up seeing an optometrist because of that and got glasses, which have helped prevent as much eye strain and therefore helped me get less migraines, too.

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I used to get iritis frequently. Pain shooting in my eye. You need to go see an ophthalmology dr. You do not want to take a. Chance with your eyes.
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Yes I agree. You need to seek a doctor's opinion. Some eye conditions can be more serious than what you might think.

Please keep us updated.
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