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Awaiting biopsy results ?MC

Hi, new to the forum but wondered what others think.
I have a 3 month history of chronic watery diarrhoea, fatigue and some weight loss. I put this down to Lamisil tablets I was taking and stopped due to diarrhoea. GP did calprotectin test in November-result 940. Just had colonoscopy which appeared normal, 6 biopsies taken. Awaiting results of these but from what I have been reading this sounds like it could be a microscopic colitis- what do you think?
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Up date on my first post. Results now in and diagnosis of Lymphocytic colitis. Waiting for appointment with gastroenterologist and have begun treatment with Asacol MR 800mgs three times a day.
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How are you doing on the Asacol? I didn't have any success with it.
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To early to say,Mo, only been 3 days. My fingers n toes are crossed for success.
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I hope you have success with asacol. I didn't respond to it but really wish I had! Best wishes to feeling better!
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Thanks Iriechic.

Up-date: 4 weeks ago Asacol dose was doubled to 4.8g per day. Appears to be helping with number of movements a day but not with consistency! Vit D3 daily now since I was defficient. Ferratin level borderline. 25 pound weight loss but seems to be slowing down now. Next GI appointment November. Trying to live with this and not let it rule my life which is a challenge. Realise now that there is no quick fix so just getting on with it.

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