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Constant pain ang gurgling

Hi All,
I've read that major symptom of Lymphocitic Colitis is watery diarrhoea and sometimes abdominal cramping. I am diagnosed with LC but my symptoms are mainly almost constant pain across my colon and crazy gurgling sounds. Is this common in this disease?
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Don't know the particulars of your particular version, but this can easily describe narrowings in your bowels because of inflammation or stricture. Watch things carefully, and if you stop having movements or start vomiting, get checked out please.
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Theo Reis Schuler
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This is my problem too. I got diagnosed with lc but I almost never got diarrhea but sometimes I feel some pain in the abdomen and the gurgling. Oh I almost never feel hungry too... How old are you? I'm 27
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Hi Theo,
I'm 31 years old.
In which part(s) of colon do you have microscopic inflammation?
Mine is in ascending colon. And pain is usually in lower right quadrant.
Did you have calprotectin level tested?

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