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Homemade BBQ sauce

Well this is kind of bbq, the store bought is full of chemicals, if you can tolerate these ingredients this is an awesome natural sauce.

Equal parts Roma tomato, sweet red bell pepper deseed devein,1/2 part yellow onion, couple cloves of garlic. Fire up the grill and put the veggies on, now you want to cook these hot and quick, let the skins char a little, this will add a lot of flavor. Take all the veggies and put them in the blender, add some liquid (broth, beer, water), blend them smooth. Pit them in a sauce pan and cook it all down, puree in blender again, cook it down some more.

I like it as is, variations include salt and pepper, cilantro, brown sugar, whatever, it adapts well.

I use this sauce with chicken, or any roast in the crockpot. Also great as a salsa. Cook this in with rice, yum. Hope someone gets some use from this.

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