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LDN Wearing Off

So I've been 4 months on ldn and no matter what the dose the positive effects wear off after about a month. I don't think it's helping my Crohns like I'd hope it would. My new internist feels ldn is only addressing my symptoms and doing nothing to address my "Crohns-Disease" . So I'm coming off it and seeing a new GI. I'm really disappointed and had hoped I'd feel better than I did. On to more testing and probably different drugs.

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Sorry to hear the LDN appears not to be working for you. For what it's worth, it took about 4 months in our case to start seeing benefits-it was very slow and we often wondered if it was doing anything at all.

After about 6 months, we were clearly seeing benefits.

Hope you find the right treatment very soon.
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My son had the same results as HelenMelb unfortunately it was not enough to keep him there for long. Hope you are feeling better soon

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Hi, Just a thought. When LDN did not seem to be working as well for me, I did some research and found that lack of Vitamin D reduces the efficacy of LDN. I saw my GI, who gave me high dose vitamin D. Two tablets to take immediately and then two the following week. He said that supplements would take at least a year to get to the same levels. My symptoms improved almost immediately and I am still on LDN (phew!)
As I understand it, Crohns sufferers are almost always short of vitamin D.
May be worth a try.
Good Luck. Sally

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