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After your stricture repair

I've had Crohn's for 45 years, since I was 13. I had a major resection when I was 19 The Ileum was removed and connected to the large bowel- 3.5 feet. In 2007 I had developed a stricture that had been ballooned a few times but was down to a passage of less than a quarter inch in diameter due to constant ulceration and scar tissue. I had it repaired with a better hook up technique. No problems except diarrhoea-to the point of not being able to travel outside of the city. I had had my gallbladder out in the 90's so also suffered from bile salt diarrhoea. Recently I found a thread saying Calcium would help bile salt diarrhoea. I've been taking Calcium Carbonate 600mg with Vit D (NO Magnesium) for two months and definitely see an improvement. For the past two weeks, I upped it to twice a was too constipating at first to take that much..I have a life again. I haven't had such normal BM's since I was a kid. I wanted to share this in case others have been struggling with this problem.
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Thanks for sharing.
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Hi mongrl,
I too have been having ballooning done every 4-6 weeks because of having an iliocolic resection too.I can I couldn't eat since my opening was so small and drank and still do drink Peptamen which is costing me a fortune. I eat a little after the ballooning but nothing exciting and then the opening shrinks again. How did you actually have it repaired with a better hook up? What's it called? What should I ask the doctor?
Thanks so much in advance and sharing

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