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Negative Surgeon?


I am suffering from a stricture, located at the join created when I had my original surgery for crohn's back in the day.

I have had several colonoscopy dilations, without success and now my only option is surgery. The stricture is only 1 inch long and it between my large and small bowel.

I saw the surgeon yesterday who has been allocated to me and he seemed to spend more time telling me what could go wrong and the possible terrible outcomes that I may suffer, that it has put the fear of god into me.

I realize that you have to be told the risks, but honestly I really felt he wanted me to say, 'I think I will leave it, thanks'

Is this something that others have experienced?
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J am sorry. I would suggest maybe looking for another surgeon.
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I would also suggest another surgeon - my experience was the opposite, it was the GI who was "doom and gloom" and it was my surgeon who was very positive and confident. He made me feel like I was in safe and caring hands.

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