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Red itchy eyes, allergy or Crohn's related?

I have been having a lot of eye issues lately, and I know Crohn's can cause some eye problems. I went to my eye doctor (optometrist) and he said it had nothing to do with Crohn's. It just seems weird to me to start having the eye issues while my disease is flaring and for them to not be related (though of course possible). The first time I went in they gave me mild steroid eye drops and things cleared up. Redness, burning pain, and itchiness starting in the corner of the eye. He said just to keep putting in lubricant eye drops because I have had issues with dry eyes, and something may have irritated the eye.

Then a few months later it got bad enough that my entire eye was bright pink and my eyelid started swelling shut. I saw a different doctor at the same practice and they said it was allergenic conjunctivitis. The sample drops they gave me (Pazeo) did help pretty immediately. But since the prescription is pretty pricey I have been making do with over the counter anti-histamine drops. They help reduce the inflammation when the symptoms get bad, but it is not going away.

I see my GI soon and will definitely mention this, but was just curious what others thought. Should I go look for a better doctor (ophthalmologist) more knowledgeable about Crohn's or just accept i have a sudden allergy issue (even though seasons have changed and still an issue, so probably not seasonal and haven't changed any detergents/shampoo etc).

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It is hard to tell if it might be Crohns related or not. I was told I have problems with dry eye but it is not related to my Crohns. I had a holistic doctor. I forget what he did but he did determine mine was not related. You might want a second opinion.
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Crohn's patients are at risk for eye issues
Uvetis iritis episcleritis etc...
You need a medical doctor who specializes in eye disease
An opthamologist is an md
An optometrist is not
Please see an opthamologist since the disease can put you at high risk as well as the meds
Like steriods

Ds has been seeing one for 5 years
He has allergic issues as well as crohns related issues with his eyes
Plus dry eyes treated with meds

Good luck
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Hi there! I'm not officially diagnosed with crohns so maybe what I say isn't entirely relevant but I have had/have inflammation in my ileum and stomach and I've had ulcers and during flared I get red eyes! I don't know how to attach a picture but my redness goes all around the eye like a massive circle and it sort of spreads
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I had eye problems with Crohn's, the inside corners of my eyes, the tear ducts got really red and swollen.
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Thanks for all the feedback, if it returns I will make a point to see ophthalmologist not just optometrist. GI doc just added methotrexate to my humira, hopefully getting the flare under control will keep it at bay.
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Maybe try Lily of the desert Aloe gel(the drinkable kind). I just got over an eye flare up the same as you described plus other places on my body. Everyone is different but when I have a flare like this Aloe usually makes it go away within about 4 days.

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