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remission with Diet

Hello everyone!

I have just joined today. New to this forum. But not new to UC which I have had since 1999.

Despite having had UC since 1999, I find I can achieve long bouts of remission.

If I flare, I start with a Elemental Liquid Diet, followed by watching that I eat, gentle exercise like yoga and swimming, and supplementation. Positive thinking also helps along the way.

I would just like to share two interesting articles with you, that cover two of my points:



I hope these links work OK.

My methods are not a cure obviously. But they do allow me to achieve remission for months on end. Where as before, I was flaring every time the wind blew!

I had to give away the medications; as I reacted badly to them.

Bit sad at giving up beer due to gluten. But don't miss the after effects!
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When I was first diagnosed, I asked my Gastroenterologist specialist if I needed to change my diet. He said no.

If only he has said yes! I could have saved myself years of problems. And I would have started to feel better a lot sooner.
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Thank you for sharing. I wish I was like you. I have been seriously dieting for 5 years and unfortunately it seems it doesnt help me or it helped me only partially. I have cut down almost everything going down to paleo diet. I know some people get very positive results with diet. Its always nice to read such testimonies.
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Diet and supplements have helped me too. I don't take medication either. Every drug I tried failed, and made me feel like crap. No thanks.

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