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Lump under one nipple (Male)

I have been on prednisone on 3 different occasions in the last 2 years. Thankfully, I am no longer on them.

One thing I noticed is that I have a lump which is fairly small and doesn't protrude. My chest looks normal (Like a normal male chest and not like a female breast) and nipple seems to be normal (or so I think).

I never gave it much thought about this lump despite having pain only when the nipple is pressed. But after having a recent I&D for an abscess, I have to lie on my chest to get the dressing everyday and I started to notice this more and more.

I think I have had this for at least more than a year. It hasn't gotten bigger. I only get pain when my right chest is pressed against something or I press my nipples for any reason. I am not fit by any means now thanks to prednisone but I am not obese (5'7" - 62kg).

I am also on Azathioprine 50mg at the moment. I tried googling my condition and I am getting all sort of information saying hormonal imbalances (prednisone?) could cause the lump and it could be breast cancer. May I know if anyone have this issue or can anyone suggest what I might be suffering from?

I would greatly appreciate it
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I've never had the issue, sorry. But any pain and swelling, even minor swelling/lump is something that must be checked by your doctor. Could be a nothing cysts, based on the fact that it's remained the same size for sometime, but certain medications can accelerate and turn an otherwise nothing into something. Please have a mammogram or ultrasound.
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Don't waste any more time...get it looked at as soon as possible......might be something...
Might be nothing...but very important to find out.
Go today.....stat
Feel better soon

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