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Short pred taper

Hi folks,

Here in the UK, standard treatment for a flare is an 8 week course of pred starting at 40mg.

I understand some people have taken much shorter courses of pred to deal with mild flare. Does anyone have any experience of this? I am currently considering this and it would be great to hear about others experiences.

Also has anyone ever used pred for single day use? For example to get you through an event that you just can't miss?

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You need to be very carefull using prednisone as using it in the wrong way could unregulate some mechanisms in your body. So yes taper down usually last two months, but it also depend on how long you took it before i guess. And i think it's not a good idea to get it randomly for a single day use and i never heard it for crohns...
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Yes, I have used a single dose before. I also had a 7 day prednisone protocol
but with 20 mg starting dose.
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