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Peggy H
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Wondering about Olestyr


Wondering what experience people have had using Olestyr long-term for Crohn's or their IBD. How long have you had success with it?

I've been on 2 grams of Olestyr daily for about 3 years now. It's keeping the diarrhea under control, but i can't miss a dose or my gut explodes. And I'm very careful about what i eat. It doesn't seem to do anything about slowing the scarring in my intestines, but it does control the symptoms, so I've been happy with it.
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D Bergy
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It is my understanding that it is not a Crohnís treatment. It does slow down the intestines and block cholesterol. It originally was a cholesterol medication. Its the only medication I take.

I take four grams once a day because my ileum was removed and a pretty important valve is no longer there. I donít use it if I am staying home.

It works well in preventing that urgency. Well enough that I could drive a mail route & become a volunteer driver for our county.

It isnít capable of helping with Crohnís in any other way that I know of.


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