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Sorbitol, Xylitol, Mannitol

Hello everyone,

I thought I would share this bit of info as it has helped me tremendously. A bit of back story. I have Crohn's and am a former smoker. I had been using nicotine gum and vaping instead of smoking for the past 10 years. Within the last two years I went fully to nicotine gum. Recently, past month or so I decided to try quitting nicotine gum all together as the main sweetener in it is a sugar alcohol Sorbitol. Well, since quitting the gum a lot of my symptoms (pains, cramping, weird narrow stools) have disappeared. I have read that these artificial sweeteners go through the body undigested and therefore are left to colonic bacteria to feed on. I don’t know if there are certain strains of bacteria that feed on these more or not, but I figured I would mention this as maybe it can help someone else.

Long story short, these sweeteners are in everything and I would recommend people with IBD stay away from them!
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THanks for sharing, I completly agree. I stay away from anything that is artificial and transformed.
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