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Wisdom Teeth Infection/Removal

New here (to posting, Iíve been reading this forum for years) and basically not sure where to post this. Iíll get around to sharing my story one day, maybe. But long story made semi-short is diagnosed with Crohnís in 2012 after years of unknowns, ups and downs and a whole mess of junk all throughout high school and college, but finally reached clinical remission last year! I was taken off all of my crohnís medications last June, so almost a year drug free. I honestly cannot believe it and really never thought this day would come. So now, here comes my fears. Which I am full of. If thereís one thing Crohnís has done to me is make me the most anxious person on the planet.

So I went to the dentist yesterday after avoiding it for some time (#anxiety) and was told my bottom wisdom teeth are not only impacted, but infected and I need them out ASAP. Iíve waited and put this off for years and years. My consultation with the oral surgeon is in a couple weeks and I am TERRIFIED because I know theyíre going to give me antibiotics and I am so scared itís just going to wreak my gut and all Iíve worked so hard to try to maintain. I am horrified of a flare up and honestly am not sure what to do. Iím waiting to hear back from my GI about what he thinks, but heís out of town. I know firsthand how much stress affects my gut, so Iím trying to keep distracted because Iíll dwell on it. But I really donít know what to do. I donít want to take the antibiotics because of the potential harm, but I would also really like to not abscess and die. Any advices or words of wisdom? And anyone had their wisdom teeth out before and what to do/expect? Iím horrified of everything and surgery is one of my biggest fears. And I know things could be so much worse and I am thankful for the time I have had in remission. Iím just scared. And would appreciate any advice!

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I had mine taken out and it was fine. Antibiotics are commonly used to treat Crohn's so I wouldn't worry too much about them causing a flare. They may even give you Flagyl, which many people take for perianal Crohn's.

Hang in there, it will be okay!
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I agree with you and I think you are being very rational and logical to worry about the antibiotics potentially upsetting your gut microbiome and potentially precipitating a Crohns flare.

My first Crohns flare (7 years ago) occurred several months after I took antibiotics (for the first time in my life) when my upper wisdom teeth were removed. So I've always wondered if the antibiotics were a major factor in causing my Crohns.

A couple weeks ago, my dentist recommended that I have an oral surgeon remove my bottom wisdom teeth, as opposed to filling the cavities in each of them. But my wisdom teeth are not impacted and are not infected, so I chose to keep them, for the reason that I (like you) am worried that a course of antibiotics could disturb my remission. I am also worried about infection complications from the surgery, because I'm on the immuno-suppressant azathioprine. (I quit aza 2 years ago and stayed in remission until I had a flare 5 months ago, so I had a course of prednisone and I'm back on aza and back in remission.)

But in your case, you don't have the option of keeping your wisdom teeth because they are impacted and infected. So your decision is straightforward. You only have one reasonable option. And since you are not currently on any Crohns meds, now is a good time to have the surgery while your immune system is working normally.

If your remission does come to an end sometime after your surgery (having taken the antibiotics), it might have been caused by the antibiotics, or it might have been caused by not being on any maintenance meds. I think that not being on any maintenance meds is possibly a greater threat to a future Crohns flare than the antibiotics. Like lgpcarter pointed out above, antibiotics are often prescribed to treat Crohns flares.

So the bottom line is you don't have the option of keeping your wisdom teeth. Antibiotics are a requirement for removing them (I'm assuming, but ask the surgeon), so avoiding antibiotics is also likely not an option.

So if you flare soon after your surgery, you should not have any remorse for your decision to have surgery, because you had no other reasonable option.
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I remember when I had my wisdom teeth removed, some of my symptoms disapeared after i took the antibiotics.

In fact antibiotics are sometimes used to treat crohns.

I think only long an repeated courses of antibiotics can really mess your entire microbiome. You should be fine taking probiotics with it. You canít live with the anxiety of not taking antibiotics anymore because you have crohns, antibiotics can save lifes when used responsibly.

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