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Does this sound like a stricture/ blockage issue?

Hi all,
I know there is quite some narrowing where my bowel resection was done (my GI couldn't complete my last colonoscopy because of narrowing- had scan instead).
So, my issue: I have had what I thought was a 'vomiting bug' 4 times in the last 8 months. It starts out with feeling quite full, stomach pain and then vomiting ( I think diarrhoea once, but the other times things were regular). The pain would come in waves, almost like contractions (but higher up) I could feel an intense pain, then it would release and so on. After a good 6-10 hours of this, it would be over. No temperature, I haven't passed on my 'stomach bug' to anyone else, which got me thinking.... Maybe it's crohns related?!i don't normally get stomach bugs THAT often (sure, I do work with small children- but this is ridiculous).
Any ideas?
Thanks for reading :-)
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I had an obstruction six years ago. My stomach would get full before I had cleaned the plate. An obstruction is possible. Check with your doctor.
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It could be a partial obstruction. I had one in Feb of this year where I had waves of cramping pain, nausea, lack of appetite, heartburn and would feel full quickly. It took a week to clear for me but I had bad narrowing. It could be that you are able to clear the partial obstruction quicker. Take a look at what you are eating, is this happening when you eat something higher in fiber? I got the partial obstruction from eating white bean chili(the beans are what did it).
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Waves of pain is my primary symptom with partial obstruction. Very painful.

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