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Humira injections + exercise

I recently started humira. Tomorrow I do my second dosage (2 shots). I was wondering if anyone has had more pain after doing the injections in the thighs following a workout? I typically workout in the evenings after class and I was hoping to do my shots after. Has anyone else done this and noticed differences in the pain?
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Not a big exerciser here, but the pain from the injection is mostly due to the pH balance of the medicine - it burns going in. SHouldn't make a difference to do after a workout. Probably better than doing it before in case there is any soreness or bruising. Can you also inject in your belly?
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My experience is that sometimes I get large welts within a few hours at the injection site that last a few days. The largest welt I ever got was on my thigh. I had gone on a power walk right after my shot. Now I am careful not to workout after my shot. I do specifically workout before my shot without a problem.

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Inject in your stomach if you can. I've had nothing but trouble injecting into my thighs, it makes the side effects ten times worse for some reason.
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I did try injecting only into my stomach but shingles blisters began to appear at or near the injection sites. I've since started putting my thighs back into the rotation. Shingles have not reappeared and I haven't had painful welts. I don't exercise right after and I take Zantac and Claritin after the injection. Lately the welts have been only a couple inches in diameter and the only last about 24 hours.


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