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Hair Loss from 6mp or Purinthol or Mercaptopurine

Has anyone had to go off Purinthol or 6mp or Mercaptopurine, all the same drug due to hair loss? My 18 year old is losing it by the handful when she showers. The thinning has become evident. I tried taking a Folic Acid Supplement but she got severe stomach cramps from it. I know it was this supplement because I took her off and they subsided, as soon as I started the Folic Acid back up the Stomach Cramps came back. They are severe. I am thinking we may have to do a med switch because at 18 this is horrible for her.

Thanks so much for the advice.
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I noticed a bit of thinning and hair loss when I started being treated, but not handfuls - my hair was just noticably thinner, since it had always been very thick. I started using Nioxin shampoos and conditioners and it did help - now I take cyclosporine as well (which one of the side effects is hair growth), but I still use the Nioxin. It's not going to work a miracle, but it should at least slow down the thinning and hair loss after using it for a little. Could help while you decide whether to switch meds and afterwards to get her hair back to normal.
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Thanks so much for the advice.
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Hi Margie, Among other side effects, I did experience thinning hair but my hair was so thick to begin with. It also seemed to affect my scalp. The kicker was that the 6-MP was compromising my immune system and I had 2 very serious bouts of brochitis (one with pneumonia) in 6 months. For some people, this is a wonderful drug, for me, never again. I've been off it for 8 days and already feel like I have a bit more energy. Doc/I are going to revisit my situation in 3 months and in the meantime, I am taking 8 tabs of Pentasa a day. I wish your 18 year old well. This has to be the hardest thing to happen to a teen. (on top of living w/the disease.) Jan



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Thanks so much for responding. I hope you find the right medicine for your situation also.

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Hair loss is the worst nightmare for all. And early age hair fall is a curse. Youngs take it so seriously and its effect on their self-esteem. They get frustrated and their confidence gets low. They ashamed of their self and scared to go outside of the home. So it is better to find out the reasons of hair loss earlier. If you found your self that your shedding hair then usual you should immediately contact with a doctor. And he will guide you in a proper manner. I had a severe hair loss once. I have recovered from it by using a great hair support product called amplixing. They have the best-damaged hair repair products for any hair problem. Thanks to god that I have able got this product in my worst days.
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My daughter experienced very bad hair loss while on 6MP. Every time she would take a shower or simply brush her hair or run her fingers through it she'd lose little clumps. At 15, she was devastated. She has now been off of it for a while and the hair loss has stopped.

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