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Frozen shoulder & Crohn's disease

I've recently been diagnosed with frozen shoulder! Does anyone know if there's any correlation with crohns and frozen shoulder??? Anyone else out there have both???
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Frozen shoulders are not correlated with Crohn's disease. Try acupuncture from someone who is a health professional and has studied acupuncture from a Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to get it moving again and to decrease the pain. Then see a physio for rehab. This method fixed me right up within a few months.
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I've been doing physical therapy for about a month is helping but I'm inpatient! I know it's slow progress with frozen shoulder.... Doing my best to keep stretching and trying not to get discouraged! Unfortunately my health insurance does not cover acupuncture or I'd certainly give that a try as well!!! Thanks for the response!!!
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Although it is a little unusual, I would second Happy's suggestion. I dislocated my shoulder last year, and my physio was centred around acupuncture to increase range of motion. Strength wasn't the issue for me. I ended up with a much better range of motion than I had before the dislocation (I have had quite the series of dislocations running about a 25 year span). I believe that the only link between crohn's and my shoulder issue was the general deterioration of my health prevented it from healing properly in the first place. Good luck!
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It's funny u ask this I just had a slap repair done and developed frozen shoulder only just had injection in shoulder and still haveing no luck in geting movement back I have asked drs and physio about there being a link they just said that my case was caused my inflammation so they wouldn't be supprise if it is linked
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you can find a school where they teach acupuncture although this would prolly be off season in the summer. Each session is 20$ at the school where I go and all treatments are supervised by very well experimented professors.
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My physical therapist seems to think that a cortisone shot is in order! But I can't get into the orthopedic surgeon for like a month! So in the meantime I'll continue with the therapy and hope that things start to improve! Wish the progress was quicker! Ugh
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I had a frozen shoulder a few years ago and it eventually went away with therapy and time. It is now coming back. I can't help but think the inflammation is Crohn's related. I also had surgery in both of my eyes for Macular Pucker - another inflammation related issue. I do think that unexplained "random" inflammation has to be Crohn's related although I do not currently have a lot of the traditional symptoms. Anyone else blame everything on Crohn's?
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My shoulder is responding very well to acupuncture after the very first treatment,needs more of course......crohnís for ten years now and different things happen which appear to be crohnís related judging by this website.
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Iíve had frozen shoulder in one shoulder, after rotator cuff surgery. I also had a slap tear in the other, resulting in another surgery. I always attributed it to my weight training over many years. Both surgeries were before being diagnosed with Crohnís. Although, Iíve always had gut issues, and a fistula twenty plus years prior to any shoulder issues.
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Personally with due regard and respect of the opinions of others, I really do not think that the possibility of a connection between Crohn's and osteoarthritis can dismissed out of hand.Putting aside the medications that are specifically designed to treat both Rheumatoid and Psoriatic arthritis, many of us have been prescribed Methotrexate and Salazopyrine which are are used in the treatment of these two types of arthritis and our own beloved Crohn's!

Crohn's is after all an autoimmune ailment and I don't think that it is unreasonable to consider the premise of a possible comorbidity. Nevertheless, Chuckmya I think that I would go down the corticosteroid injection track. I do, or have transient bursitis on my right hip which responded to this type of treatment for a shortish period, however since i started of Stelara almost a year ago this has oddly ceased. Coincidence, I dunno. Mind you once you get past three score years and ten anything can and does fall off!

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