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Stopped steroids - face still puffy and moonlike

I feel incredibly vain worrying about this...

I stopped my steroids roughly 4 weeks ago and I still feel that I have a Ďmooní face. How long does it take for the swollen/puffy face to disappear? Itís definitely not as bad as it was but feel like that itísnow stuck like this.

How long did it take for your face to return to normal? Does it take a few months?
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If I remember correctly at least 8 weeks
Might have been closer to 12 weeks for ds
Good luck
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I have the same thing going on I started Prednisone September 21st and was only suooose to be in it for 30 days and I followed the bottle and paperwork from the pharmacy and there was no taper and I didnít think anything if it, UNTIL I went back to my GI and she said you shouldíve been on a taper and since the dosage was so high I still have another 2 weeks left and Iíve already gained 16lbs and I canít gain anymore weight so I stopped it I just canít do it anymore so I hope that you get some relief soon cus my face is moon shaped as well as I look 8 months Pregnant! Good luck
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Moon face takes a couple of months or so to go down, but it does eventually go down.
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My daughter went through a similar scenario, she was on Prednisone for so long, seemed like forever. She was developing the pie face more and more, and we started tapering her off. During the taper she started having adverse effects from being tapered too quickly and we had to up the dosage back up and start the process again. It took a good 5 months or so for her face to go back to how it should be. I still look at pictures of her before the diagnosis and compare them to now...I think there is some effects there that will never go away.
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As the others have said, it will take a while. I still haven't lost the weight I put on when I was on Entocort for 4 months.

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