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Experiencing excessive air

Hi everyone,
I have been on Entyvio for almost 3 years.
I have been experiencing a lot of excessive air lately. Headaches and 40+burping/day, feeling full

I have an appointment with my GI doctor next week. I am concerned because I had my Entyvio 2 treatment 2 weeks ago (worried it is not working anymore).

Excessive air is the main symptom of my illness (when it is active).

Does anyone else experience excessive air symptoms?
And, what treatments are working well for you (in case I do need to change meds).

The strangest thing about this: my levels were checked during my last infusion, and my inflammation levels were normal??

Feeling confused
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There are a lot of reasons that you can have a lot of gas build up. I have never used entyvio, so I cannot speak to that. I have found that lately I am susceptible to changes in bowel microbes. Tylenol, alcohol, and cold and flu medication use on any prolonged basis can cause just such a change for me. It normally takes close to a week for things to settle down once the trigger has been addressed. Such a situation would not show up as inflammation levels at all, just the equivalent of yeast going to work in bread dough. Still, it is not a comfortable situation for me when it happens.
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Hi Shamrock,

Thank you for your reply!!
I will think about things that have been recently added that could be triggering the air that I am currently experiencing.

The reason that I am concerned is because excessive air with (40+burps/day for several days to a week at a time) are the only symptoms that I have experienced with my Crohn's disease. The problem is that in the past, long-term periods of excessive intestinal air have resulted in 2 ruptures of the colon.

I know that I am very lucky in many ways that I do not experience many Crohn's symptoms. However, I feel in the dark as far as not having a clear idea of when my disease is causing damage and eventually a rupture and abscess.

I am crossing my fingers that my air is the result of something new that has been added
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Emiliy, I find I get excessive air, especially burping, when I have (partial) blockages. My bloods are fine at the moment but I had lots of burping episodes recently and a colonoscopy showed new stricturing.

So with your history of rupturing I do think you need to discuss this with your specialist next week, hopefully it's nothing but it's perfectly possible to have good bloods and still have enough inflammation to cause strictures.
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