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Pain Question

I am undiagnosed as yet, but I am wondering if pain in the terminal ileum can mimic ovary pain? My symptoms came on very suddenly one afternoon in July. I was fine in the morning, and was hit by terrible cramps and watery diarrhea that lasted 6 weeks. I did every possible stool test, blood work, and was screened for colon cancer (iím 40)... all of those tests came back normal. After 6 weeks, my symptoms went away for a month or two. Now they are back. Iím terrified that iím Dying. My doctor is convinced itís a GI issue. Iím terrified that itís cancer that they just havenít found yet. Iíve had digestive issues on and off since my 20ís, but the diarrhea has never been so severe. At its worst, I could barely make it out of bed to the toilet in the morning without having an accident. Itís not that bad right now, but iím Scared iím Headed that way!!! I feel like iím Too old for it to be Crohns...Any thoughts?? My pain is located very low down on the right side mostly, although I do get pain pretty much everywhere in my abdomen at times. But the pain on the right is a dull, nagging pain. Not super intense, but almost always there.
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The pain you describe, in addition to the diarrhea, can definitely indicate crohnís or ulcerative colitis. Pain is generally felt where the intestines are inflamed, and if you had no imaging done (colonoscopy, endoscopy, CTE, MRE) then it could be intestinal inflammation caused by crohnís or colitis. Many people with crohnís have normal blood work (they would look to see if your CRP (C-Reactive Protein) and ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) are raised (mine are only if Iím flaring badly). Try not to worry about possibilities but definitely see a GI and have imaging and blood work done. They should also test you for possible anemia and vitamin deficiencies since with intestinal inflammation your intestines canít absorb nutrients properly. Pain is definitely a indicator that something is wrong. I hope you are seeing a GI soon.
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You might want to check out Neuroendocrine Cancer of the midgut. This is what I have and it can be misdiagnosed for years as IBD, Crohn's etc. Not to scare you but better to know what you are dealing with for proper treatment.

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