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Weird pain

I have had Crohn's since 1989, multiple surgeries including ostomy and reversal. 5 times this year I have had intense lower right abdominal pain- bad enough to rush to the E.R. after suffering for hours. During this pain I have tried Heating Pads, Massage, repositioning, Cramp RX from Gastro Dr. and even pain RX. After finally giving up and going to the hospital- sometimes given an NG tube and sometimes not. After a period of time it just stops after a Bowel movement. Since prior to these bizarre "attacks" I have had B.M's I really don't feel it is constipation. Nothing seems to bring them on. NOT certain food or stress or anything. I had the last one Saturday. I took the cramp RX and no help. I took miralax- because I know B.M. stops the pain and no help. Over 3 hours of 12+ on the pain scale my sister came over to bring me to the hospital via car (45 mins to the Gastro Dr's hosptal). Intense pain, vomiting foam, sweating and chills. couldn't stand or sit or lie down-I had to keep changing positions. I knew I could not sit in that kind of pain for the drive and called an ambulance (first time ever) to the local hospital (only 25 mins away). We got to the hospital and 10 mintues later I had a B.M. and snap- all better, little sore but NO more intense cramp pain.
My Gasto Dr thinks it is "cramps" and gave RX. He did a colonoscopy- clear and an Endoscopy- clear. Also I have weird voice problems. (unrelated??)My throat does not hurt but my voice is a croak and I have to clear my throat all the time (GERD). I have had a daily famotidine rx for years but MUCH worde now.
Has ANYONE had problems like this??? Now gastro recommended a ultrsound on my gallbladder- to rule it out- Pain is Lower right abdomin not upper...
Any insight appreciated- after 20+ years this is just weird.
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Hello Dyana
Pain can be an elusive thing to track down....where you feel the pain may not necessarily be the site of the problem.
Sooner or later the cause of the problems will show up.
If it is gallbladder then the sooner itís out the better.
Some of my symptoms with gallbladder problems were similar and I was greatly relieved
when it was removed.(At that time BMs were fairly normal )
Quite some years later Crohnís came to stay for an unannounced prolonged visit.....
Hopefully your symptoms will improve if it is a gallbladder problem after itís removal.
Feel better soon
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Your symptoms sound very much like an obstruction, terrible pain, possible nausea and vomiting and lots of relief when you have a bowel movement. That's exactly how it goes when I have an obstruction. When I start to vomit it's the sign to go to hospital.

Ask your gastro if you have strictures. Did they take x-rays when you went to hospital? Did the ng tube help at all? It did for me so that might be a sign that it's an obstruction.

A diagnosis of "cramps" doesn't fill me with a lot of confidence, I'd keep pushing for a better diagnosis.
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I agree with obstruction or partial but the colostomy was "clear". weird. Thanks for the reply.

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