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Have a hiatal hernia? Advice needed please.

Yes I know this isn't IBD related but this is the only active forum I can find so I'm just hoping someone will have some info that can answer some questions the doctors don't seem to be answering.

So I was diagnosed with a Hiatal hernia in September after having an upper endoscopy and colonscopy. I've had heartburn since I was 15 so probably a hernia since 15. A few days after the endoscopy I took it upon myself to get omerprazole because I had had enough of the heartburn despite have a very anti reflux diet but I now know my diet wouldn't of helped seeing as the valve above the stomach was being held open. The omerprazole has helped with the burning sensation but now since that's gone I'm even more aware of the food and water that goes into my oesophagus, it even happens when I'm standing. I went to a GP and she said that the omerprazole will heal my hernia. I'm just wondering how long this is supposed to take as I don't want to be on omerprazole forever as it has horrible side effects like a higher risk of cracking your femur due to malabsorbed calcium and heart arrhythmia due to malabsorbed magnesium, C.diff and gastric infections in general

Personally I guess I can give it a year but I'm just wondering about others experiences. I really don't want the surgery but at the same time I do because 99 times out of a 100 it guarantees you won't need a PPI anymore and I'm totally prepared for the post op diet.

So any experiences will be very helpful thank you for reading.
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Who was responsible for your diagnosis...was the doctor a Gastroenterologist
Have you been given follow up dates...usually a GI will follow up at intervals until you no longer need the omeprazole..which is a proton pump inhibitor.(PPI)
There are other proton pump inhibitors used by Gastroenterologists
Have you been advised to raise the head of your bed about 4inches...this can help the reflux condition.
Some foods may cause symptoms but not everyone is affected in this way.
I am sorry to hear of your problems and hope they will resolve soon for you.

Crohn's Disease Forum » General IBD Discussion » Have a hiatal hernia? Advice needed please.
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