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What is your favorite juicer?

I might be in the market for a new you love yours? If so, please tell me why Also, I would especially love to know how difficult it is to clean. Mine is a true pain.

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I've had hurom verticall, a greenpower twin auger and a cheap single auger slow juicer.
The easiest to clean and easiest to use (by far) was the hurom
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I would do some research. I looked at reviews and this one came up time and time again - you get what you pay for and the greater output and better quality juice pays for itself. (It is the Omega J8006 in case the link is broken) -
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We have the omega 8004 and it is very easy to use and quick to clean. It's not chrome but I think it's otherwise the same as 8006, and $40 cheaper.
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Ive got a vitalmax 900 which seems to get pretty much all the juice out and is so easy to clean. You can also mince meat, make nut butter, olive oil, salsa etc
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I have the omega 8004(it has the same exact specs as the 8006 but comes in white and about $50 cheaper). Its an excellent juicer plus has additional functions so its just not solely a juicer.
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The Omega NC900 is a good one. It's more powerful and yield more juice than previous models as the 8006&8008.
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Slowstar by far. I love it. WELL worth the money. great at juicing everything from wheatgrass to citrus.
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Juicepresso by Coway(?) - had it for about 3-4 years now. Plenty of grunt. Brilliant and easy to clean. Everything from citrus to making almond milk. Yeah- easy to clean.
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I have owned several juicers. The Breville was the worst as the juice taste was lacking, and it didn't juice leafy green and wheatgrass. The motor also burnt out within six months......... I have had an Omega juicer for the past ten years, and LOVE it. Never had any motor problems with it in all that time. Juices anything for a start. And very easy to take apart and put back together. Makes the best tasting cold pressed juices. And very easy to clean. Brilliant low 80 RPMs and looks attractive on my counter top.
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saving up for an angel

Did you ever buy your Angel?

I would love one too.

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