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Juicing question?

How many times per day do you juice? Has anyone had a negative effect on crohns?
Crohns for 26 years
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Humira weekly
- multi vitamin and vitamin D
- B12 shots monthly
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I recently went on sort of a fast with juicing and only eating soft fruits and steamed veggies. I juiced twice a day. Usually lettuce, apple pear, or carrots or kale
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Since I am on a vegetable/juice fast, I juice as much as 4 times a day. For the last 12 days I have had one warm meal (zucchini, blended sweet pepper, blended tomatoes, celeriac, cauliflower or broccoli) and three or four large glasses of juice (about 400 ml each, I'm not sure how many oz it is). Juice is sometimes "green" (cucumber, green pepper, celery, spinach), sometimes tomatoes, but mostly carrot juice.

So far I have lost about 3,5 kilos, which is not very bad, my BMI is still well above 19 (which would be a warning mark). I feel great and almost all symptoms have gone. I am just wondering when I should end the fast and start modified diet. I intend to start with chicken broth and perhaps some chicken, but will continue to juice at least twice a day.

The idea behind juice/vegetable fast is that one should only eat between 400 and 800 calories daily, no animal protein, no fat. Then one's body should switch itself into a "healing" mode. If there are more than 800 calories or extra protein is included, metabolism will just continue as usual, the body will "think" that it is underfed. Less than 800 calories and nearly no proteins sends the body the signal to "rest and heal".
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Thanks Macminer! I would like to try more juicing to give the bowel rest but also to shed some pounds.
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i juice on and off. I find that if there are too much sugars (ie fruit) it can play my stomach up.

Avocados help fill me up
fruit and yoghurt help fill me up in the morning
Living on just juice for more than 2-3 days makes me very hungry and moody
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2x 1200mg Mezavant, 3x50mg Azathioprine, Infliximab (6 weekly)

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