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How many day's is ok to miss going to the toliet with Crohn's?

when should I be worried about not going to the toilet?
is it different for everyone or is there a number of day that's ok.
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I'd say it depends on the person and isn't realted that much to Crohn's. The normal "healthy" frequency of bowel movements (as doctors lovely call them...) is 1-2 per day. Specifically during travel I had 3 days on a row where I just could not go. It is not comfortable... I'd say if you go beyond 3 days and feel rather uncomfortable, may mean that calling up your doc makes sense. How many days have you not been able to go? Also, are you in pain? If you are, definitely call up your doc.
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Most people with active crohns go several times a day. Everyone is different so you need to judge based on what your normal and average is. I agree that anything more than 3 days doesn't sound good or healthy regardless.
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The normal for healthy people is roughly from twice a day to twice a week. Three days without going is absolutely fine. I think you can get a better idea of if you have a problem by any other symptoms you may be having, pain being the main signal of a problem related to constipation. Or if it's been over a week with no bowel movement.
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With Crohn's you need to be going the bathroom at least twice per day.

If you let poo build up in your bowel this can lead to abdominal pain.

Check with your doctor first but I recommend you take movicol if you are not going to the toilet every day.

Best to start with one sachet per day for 2 days and if your still not going the toilet daily then try increasing as needed.
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I personally get pain, discomfort and even flare ups if i dont go every day. Constipation really makes my stomach suffer so i normally have a few hot wings (im ok allergy wise with hot food in moderation) to get things moving and drink alot of water incase its due to dehydration. I dont think its worrying until your hitting a week without. But try to relax when you go, drink alot of water and maybe try something from the pharmacy as said above.

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