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Fistula surgery

HI everyone!! Back in January I had emergency surgery to remove a fistula in my groin area. I had gone septic and the whole fistula was removed. I had a wound 7cm x 9cm in my groin and very deep, which had to be packed every day by the district nurse. It took 4 months to completely close up. Since then I have had a constant 'ache' in my groin area and more recently pain travelling down my leg on the side of the operation. It now has started in my foot and my whole right leg aches all the time. Just want some advice, could this be connected to the fistula operation? I am due to see my crohns consultant on Thursday for check up. I am taking pentasa, mercaptopurine. Also B12 and folic acid. Any advice welcome
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The surgery could have caused nerve damage. After surgery to clean out a burst horseshoe abscess in the groin, I have an area that is still completely numb. Hopefully it's not a new fistula developing.
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Hi! I had surgery for my fistula 6 weeks ago and had numbness in my leg and weekness. Ivsee a neurologist while in hospital and said its nerve damage from surgery.
Maybe contact you crs and see if she could get you checked over.
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I don't have any helpful comments but just wanted to offer my sympathy. I only had to get packing by the nurse for three weeks after my surgery and the pain was unimaginable. You must be super tough after that experience. Best of luck to you!
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Could be a number of causes, best to seek advice from your medical team.

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