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So I woke up this morning with severe stomach pains on and off. I went to try and work at my job and as I was working they got worse and worse. So I went home. When I got there I immediately went upstairs and threw up. Should I go to the ER? I don't know what to do.
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Do you have a diagnosis of Crohns or UC? I presume you're in America rather than the UK, since we call the ER A and E here. In the UK we have health service helplines we can ring to get advice about whether we should get urgent treatment or not. Do you have anything similar where you are that you could contact?

I think it could be dangerous for you to ask advice about going to the ER on a forum like this, made up mainly of non-medical people (and even a doctor or nurse might need to know more). It would depend for me on whether I was improving or getting worse since the morning but I wouldn't like to suggest to anyone else what they should do - I could well be wrong!
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Usually I have seen people on here say that if you ask you should go to ER. Does your doctor's office have someone on call? If so, call them and see what they advise. Otherwise, go to an urgent care or the ER. Let us know how you are.

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