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View Poll Results: How's Your Blood Pressure?
Higher than 120/80. 3 30.00%
Around 120/80. 2 20.00%
Below 120/80. 5 50.00%
Voters: 10. You may not vote on this poll

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How's Your Blood Pressure?

My blood pressure has always been low (around 95/65 these days). I suspect it might be related to Crohn's Disease and special diets.
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Mine is below 120/80, but if I stopped my blood pressure meds it would be over 12/80 in just a couple of days.
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Mine is always low...last three were 117/59, 94/58, and 108/54.
Currently on: Colazal, Prilosec, multi-vitamin, probiotics, total EFA's, glucosamine.

Previous meds: Sulfasalazine, Asacol, Rowasa, Pentasa, Entocort.

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Hi I only found out I'd high blood pressure last year( when I went for d&c)it was 170/90... went doc next next day casually asked him to do it .. and was 200/99!!!... did ecg everything seemed ok... had 24 hr monitor on it evened out over the 24 hrs.. I am now on 3 blood pressure tabs.. nebibmel. Centyl k, and amplodipine, and have to continue for the foreseeable future.. it's apparently nonessential blood pressure( no reason for it)even yesterday was 138/93
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Mine has been good but i wonder if it is from the colestid i take for Crohn's.
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Oh I'm also on cholestagel for BAM
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Mine is good after having been diagnosed in 2012 for high blood pressure. I was having problems with vision and balance, felt light headed and had to stop at the clinic. I was 216/108, no wonder I felt awful. Amplodpine with 81mg Asprin and its controlled well.
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Low blood pressure is a common sign of dehydration, a stealth Crohn's symptom due to diarrhea. If your blood pressure used to be significantly higher, 120 and its now 90, etc you might want to discuss hydration and your electrolyte balance with your doctor. Getting hydrated can really help with fatigue.

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