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Tenesmus=tail bone pressure?


Is tenesmus same that feeling fully or pressure behind tailbone? Last days I have full feelings or dull pain behind my tailbone. Pain is not so strong and it come for hours, then stop for few hours and then repeat. Its not pain in bone its behind, maybe in rectum? I have here chronic inflamation but this is first time that I feel something like this. Is this called tenesmus? I have from this also mild feeling that I need go to wc. I searched about tenesmus but this about tail bone didnt found.

Have here somebody something simillar?

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I have read that tenesmus is when you feek like you need to go to the toilet but can't.
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Pilonidal Cyst? Do you have an office job that requires you to be seated for long periods?
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I have Tenesmus.It is a feeling that you need to go to the bathroom but not much to see when you do.Even after going lots of times each morning,that feeling can still be there.Inflammation might be causing the pain,as you say you have been diagnosed with it in that area.If uncertain I would call your doctor to put your mind at rest.You could type in "pain in tailbone" in the search box at the top of this page and you will probably find it's a common complaint.

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