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I just wanted to share a little update of how I've been. I'm 17yrs old and have been diagnosed with Crohn's disease for about 3 years now. I started Infliximab in November 2017 and ever since I've been doing well. Occasionally I'll get abdominal pain and diarrhea but nothing that's stopping me from doing my everyday jobs. I have infusions every 2 months alongside mesalazine and azathioprine. They only side effect that I've been experiencing is incredibly irritated and dry eyes which is being treated with some eye drops. Other than that Infliximab is really helping to get into remission. It's like after years of suffering I've finally found the treatment that's working for me. I thought I would let you guys know about my journey so far and hopefully help you guys make decisions about treatment. Everybody responds differently to treatment but I thought it would be nice to share my experience.
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I am glad you are doing so well on infliximab. I hope it continues for many years.
Diagnosed in 1990. On Humira, Imuran, Gabapentin, Colestipol, Synthroid, Lialda. Resection in April of 2010. Allergic to Remicade, Penicillin, Flagyl, Doxycycline. Thyroid issues and psoriasis and neuropathy and mild cerebral palsy. Mild arthritis in my lower back.

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