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Research Medication & Clinics

Hi Ive had both crohns & ulcerative colitis for almost 29 yrs now. My doctor opened a research clinic for crohns and colitis about 3-4 years ago. Ive done 2 different research drugs and one was a placebo where we notices it wasn't medication cause I was getting worse from my symptoms and pains and he confirmed it with a colonoscopy so we went to try actual medication. Within 2 month nothing was getting better and I was actually getting medication and we were back to square one. I did another study and it ended up being actual medication, I was doing ok for the first 3 months symptoms were getting better but unfortunately I started to get worse again ( Im so fed up not getting any results) so now im back at just a waiting games and I have another chance to do another drug but I really don't know. I need suggestions on this please any help is help
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So what have you tried so far ?
There are appt of new meds in the last 5 years even

Mtx /Imuran/6-mp and combos of the above

Have you had genetic testing done ?
Exclusive enteral nutrition (een formula only )?

Ds has been on remicade humira and now Stelara
But has only been dx since age 7 so 8 years now
DS - -Crohn's -Stelara -mtx
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What is the name of the new drug that you have an opportunity to try?

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