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NameDr. Gregory Hodges
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He's one of the downtown Baylor GIs.. everytime I went to see him, he made me feel terrible about myself by accusing me of not taking my disease seriously. I finally fired him when I had two fistulas and asked him if surgery was an option to treat them. He just said no and declined to go over any other options and told me to just "wait a very long time". I left his office crying because I thought I was going to be stuck with my fistulas forever!

Because he has so many patients, whenever I needed to make an appointment with him, the next available appointment was always two months out at a minimum. Or he was always on vacation. I always had to have another one of my doctors intervene and get me pushed to the front of the line. So I would make an appointment with my infectious disease doctor to get me an appointment with my GI. It was ridiculous.

The first time I tried to schedule a follow up, I called his office for weeks and never got a response or a call back. It was very difficult to get appointments with him.

His office never sent my medical records to my new GI no matter how many times I called and asked them to, and I had to have several tests redone because we just gave up waiting.

What a jerk.

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Dr. Hodges has been treating my severe Crohn's for more than 10 years. He is great! Very effective, very patient, and a great communicator. Office visits, colonoscopy, endoscopy: he has been clear in providing observations/assessments, and treatment options. I found Doctor Hodges after experience with 6 other GI docs who were not as knowledgeable about treatment options nor clear in their explanations of testing/"oscopy" results. I've learned to trust Doctor Hodges and am eager to recommend him to others. All have thanked me for recommending him.

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