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Leg pains/weakness

I am not sure whats causing the pain in my legs, but its really starting to be a problem. In the morning, my legs almost can't support my weight. Getting to the bathroom on time for my morning pee is next to impossible. I don't sleep well at night because of the pain and restlessness in my legs. I don't know what to do. I go back to my rheumy in about a week, I am going to bring it up then, but I don't know what to do until then. After I wake up and kind of get my body going in the morning, my legs can bare my weight, but they are very sore and tired. Suggestions? Ideas?
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Does your Rheumo have you doing pt for the AS at all ( swimming range of motion exercises)?
What about placing a rolling desk chair next to the bed to roll to the bathroom in the morning until things get moving ?
I know morning is the worse for DS but his SpA is in his hands low back and heels so far walking is still ok but we were told exercise therapy was as critical as meds particularly swimming . Do you have access to a bigger bathtub to try and soak in warm water during the day ?
Most YMCA have warm water arthritis pools which offer financial aid programs if cost is an issue.
Good luck not being able to move stinks

DS has to use parafin wax every morning to get things back to movable in his hands .
Never easy
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I have this regularly, Afidz. I know exactly what you mean by your legs won't hold your body weight on them. I tend to sink to the floor before I collapse. You just have to stay there a while or drag yourself to the loo. You could buy a small porta loo like for going camping and put that near your bed. It might help, or at least reassure you. I got an arthritis flare up at the moment, which is different from the collapsible legs. My feet hurt so bad and my hips are extremely painful, which is a big issue when sat on the loo for upwards of half hour. I just need to extend the legs, but when on loo it seems impossible.
I hope you resolve your issue soon. Unfortunately, it might be that you are like me and suffer this along with all the other auto-immune issues. You have my sympathy.
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i know exactly what you are talking about! Actually laying on the couch right now because of that same problem its also in my hands! Nothing really helps me don't mean to discourage you! i am gluten free and if i get gluten it gets really bad. Are you GF? TRY 2 CUPS EPSOM SALT,1/2 CUP BAKING SODA, 10 DROPS OF LAVENDER IN THE TUB! It relaxes you. Just be sure you can get outta tub. Did that to many times. Good Luck!
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Left side groin pain that goes down leg and into calf
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Sprout, if I get the usual fissure it sometimes becomes an abscess which causes pain down to my right knee. Might need a doc to investigate that if it doesn't go. I hope it eases up soon.
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I started getting leg pain during this flare. Lots of soreness in my knees. Stopped eating any solid or soft foods two days ago from severe diarrhea. Now I am taking vitamin D3 tablets to see if it helps any. Been on Asacol 5 - 6 days that hasn't done a thing though.

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