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Running with Crohn

Hi everyone.
I have a question for all the runners out there.
What do you take on your runs. Water, supplements, etc.
I find during my long runs I need a little pick me up and afraid to take anything but water.
Thanks for reading
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Hi and welcome.
I've never been much of a runner. I'm sure someone will be along who can help.
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My favorite currently is DripDrop which is an oral hydration solution you can buy at walgreens. It comes in single packets that you mix in a bottle of water, so I usually carry that in my water bottle. Then if i am at a race, I can drink the plain water at water stations. The DripDrop doesn't give me any issues and keeps electrolytes in check so it works well for me. Many also use Gatorade endurance formula, NUUN hydration tablets, or Gu's hydration drink. I also use Jelly Belly Sport Beans when I run for carbs and they seem to agree with me pretty well. Most running stores have a selection you can choose from and it's trial and error - everyone is different as to what works Hope that helps a little!
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Thank you. My issue with those things is I also have Primary Biliary Cirrhosis. very common with people Crohn's. So my liver can handle the Gu etc.
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I have taken water, but have only done 5ks.

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Why did you need a Hemicolectomy? How long before you surgery when you first had Crohns? are you still running? This is one of my fear.
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I had stricturing in the descending colon. I was first diagnosed in late 1990 and things started to flare up again in late 2009. So I had the surgery last year.

I am still running, it's easier to run now because I am feeling a lot better. I only took up running in about 2010 and I had a rough time then as I wasn't well due to the stricture.
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I drink a lot of tumeric tea - mince tumeric root and poor hot water over, let steep; sometimes add minced ginger root. Tumeric is good for inflammation. Lately I've been experimenting with tumeric tea with a little honey and salt and using that as hydration on long bikes or runs.
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I've been a long distance runner and triathlete for many years. Longest distance run was the marathon.

I usually stick to water for any run under 10K. Beyond that I have sucked on gummy bears which dissolved slowly and did not upset my tummy.

Since I live in Hawaii dehydration is an issue. Occasionally I would suffer cardiac drift due to dehydration. A few episodes of that and you learn to drink more often. Longer runs usually required some sort of sport drink which I would greatly dilute. Too strong and I would get an upset stomach. Bananas worked for me as well.

Hope this helps.
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I picked up running last year. I had to take this year off due to a pilonidal sinus issue, but I have discovered a few things (with the help of a running coach for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America)
1) Hydration is more important for people with Crohn's. For whatever reason, even in remission, people with Crohn's go through more water. Run with water.
2) Salt helps calm the belly. I like the gatorade and CLIFF branded ones. Check the sodium content. The Cliff margarita contain the most electrolytes for Cliff. I keep a few blocks in my pocket and pop them if I start getting crampy.
3) Post run fueling - Make sure you eat enough protein. Boost is a great brand of nutritional shake that has been studied to absorb easy even in a flare.
4) Sometimes it sucks - Even in remission for 15 years, there are days where you're just going to be miserable. You have to learn when to bail and when to push through. For me it got better over time.
5) Diet - Pay very close attention to you pre-race food. I found I would eat complex carbs prior to racing an it helped some
6) Be aware that people with Crohn's can have blood sugar issues. I use the gels as my primary fuel source. For long runs, I'll sprinkle a tiny bit of gatorade powder into my water. I do water for bottle 1 and gatorade/water for bottle 2
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