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NameDr. Bas Oldenburg
AddressUMC Utrecht, Heidelberglaan 100
 Utrecht, Netherlands, 3584XC
Phone088 75 562 76
Bio(Translation below)
Dr. Bas Oldenburg studeerde geneeskunde aan de Universiteit Utrecht. Na specialisatie in de inwendige geneeskunde (1995) volgde hij de opleiding tot maag- darm- leverarts (MDL-arts) (1998). Hij promoveerde in 2001 op het onderwerp "Inflammatory Bowel Disease, iron and homocysteine", eveneens aan de Universiteit van Utrecht. Hierna legde hij zich met name toe op diagnostiek en behandeling van chronische inflammatoire darmaandoeningen.

Bas is staflid en chef kliniek van de afdeling Maag- Darm- Leverziekten in het UMCU. Hiernaast is hij lid van het stafconvent van het UMCU, de kwaliteitscommissie van de Nederlands Genootschap van MDL-artsen, lid en Nederlands vertegenwoordiger van de ECCO (European Crohn & Colitis Organization), lid van de AGA (American Gastroenterology Association) en medeoprichter en penningmeester van de ICC.

Hiernaast maakt hij deel uit van de CBO richtlijncommissie voor IBD en de Europese werkgroep "Iron and IBD".

Translation in English:
Dr. Bas Oldenburg went to medical school at Utrecht University. After specializing in general (internal) medicine (1995), he studied to become a gastroenterologists (1995). He earner his doctoral in 2001, on the subject of "Inflammatory Bowel Disease, iron and homocysteine", also at Utrecht University. Hereafter, he focussed on diagnostics and treatment of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases.

Bas is staff member and chief of clinic of the gastroenterology department at the UMCU (Utrecht University Teaching Hospital).

Alongside, he is a member of the staff community of the UMCU, the Committee of Quality of the Dutch Society of Gastroenterologists, member of the Dutch representative of the ECCO (European Crohn & Colitis Organization), member of the AGA (American Gastroenterology Association), and co-founder and treasurer of the ICC (Initiative on Crohn's and Colitis).

He is also part of the CBO Guideline commission for IBD and the European workgroup "Iron and IBD".
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I've had this doctor since 2013, and he was the first specialist that made me feel like he really cares.

He's extremely knowledgeable and knows everything about the newest treatments, which makes sense because he's often involved in testing new treatments.

On the one hand, he's a really nice guy, but he also tells you how it is, without being too nice. That's a perfect combination in my books. He doesn't act like I don't know anything or have to be talked to like a child (like some doctors seem to do), knowing I'm a research grad student and know my way around 'medical talk'.

Once I ran into him in the hospital hallway, and he greeted me by my first name! While he probably has hundreds of patients under treatment.

The one downside is that huge number of patients he has: it's really hard to get an appointment within a couple of weeks, and I'm happy I can usually just schedule an appointment after every appointment, a half year in advance. Recently I was able to schedule an appointment 8 weeks in advance, which I was pretty happy about. In urgent cases though, there's always a spot for you (though it might sometimes be with a (younger) doctor closely connected to dr. Oldenburg).

5 / 5 Bedside Manner
5 / 5 Knowledgeable
5 / 5 Open to alternative treatments
4 / 5 Ease of accessibility

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