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Anyone doing triathlons, Ironman, other endurance sports?

I'm training for 70.3 Ironman and am finding the physical activity is causing unbearable inflammation and I can't seem to get a handle on it. I think in another week or so I'll be heading to emerge with a flare-up. Does anyone else have endurance training experience?
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I'm sorry to hear this

Before my first big flare and diagnosis a few years ago I was over a year deep into endurance training, specifically running with strength training using plyometrics and weightlifting throughout the week as well. I ended up having to stop everything because I was so fatigued. I needed to recover, regain weight that started to come off (I cannot afford to lose) and stop the bleeding. I moved to yoga and pilates as my exercise when I could. After a few months I was doing much better, the meds kicked in and I again started to endurance train, climb my mountains and go on extended hikes. Within a few months I became totally symptomatic and had to repeat, here is where pred started being used. I have had this vicious cycle repeat every 4-6 months or so since. I also had a heavy endurance industry job which I am most likely going to have to give up. I never noticed a correlation between my endurance training causing my inflammation or not but the timing is interesting when I look back now that you mention it.
I will probably start a new med when I see my GI doc in a week and a half at his suggestion which I initially balked at - after a lot of thought and discussion and reading on the forum here, I am hoping more than anything that something like Remicade will give me my life and my physical endurance back. I am willing to get a new job but having a healthy physically active lifestyle is so important to me too.

I look forward to hearing anyone else's experience with this. I need to say: whatever happens don't give up, do what you can do only when you can do it, and don't be too hard on yourself. The last one I am still working on myself.
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wow! our stories are so similar. I also work in industry - forestry - so hot bush days are a contributing factor to flare-ups.
I also do yoga and meditation to bring calmness into my life as I'm can get pretty intense which contributes to flare-ups.
There's lots of research documenting the physiological stress of exercise/training on the body so if you already have a compromised system (like the digestive) then we have to do things differently to manage the negative effects of too much training.
I too have been in the prednisone cycle every 4-6 months. I'm so resisting going on the biologic. I do homeopathy and herbs and lots of pro-biotic. I was doing really well for 3 months prior to xmas, but then xmas turned into a free-for-all booze and chocolates and fatty food, and I didn't make time to clean-up before tri training started. So there's stress and more stress on the organs. I'm in tears this weekend because I think I'm going to have to abandon my race b/c my body can't take the training. I want to try medical marijuana before giving into a biologic but its taking forever to get into the prescribing doctor. Can you post your course of action as a result of your appointment next week? You make such a convincing point about getting your life back by going on Remicade. lol

As far starting this post goes, I was just wondering what other people have learned about their bodies while endurance training - like timing of meals, fueling during activity, solids or liquids and so forth.

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