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What problems have you experienced getting your medication?

Thank you to Jennifer for allowing me to post this.

Full disclosure. I'm doing some research and marketing for a specialty pharmacy, one of few selected to dispense Cosentyx. Not mentioning their name, as I'm not seeking publicity for them.

I'm a veteran who has his own health issues, trying to transition to a new career. Dealing with the VA for medical needs, I've experienced severe frustration when I couldn't get what I needed, but that's the only health insurance I currently have.

I know some of you are dealing with issues that are much more severe and costly than what I've had to deal with. I'd like to help others if I can, get the meds and help they need, and hopefully I can make a living doing it.

Since I am new to this field however, if I'm going to be effective in helping others get what they need, I really need to understand what issues you have experienced, at all stages.

For example, these come to mind. Do you sometimes have to settle for a less effective medicine because your doc wont prescribe what you need/think you need? Do you sometimes have to settle for a less effective medicine because your insurance won't cover the better one? Or maybe the copays are too much? Have you had any problems finding a pharmacy that could dispense the product and would accept your insurance? How long does it take to get prior-authorization approved? Do you get denied frequently and have to appeal? How long does that take? How long before you actually get your medication?

I'm sure you have encountered things that I don't even know to ask, which is why I'm asking.

Looking forward to your answers.

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