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How and why

How do people manage to exercise when they feel like total crap or have no energy.

I'm totally FUBAR now with my crohn's have had it for almost ten years diagnosed probably had symptoms years before that.

Anyway over the time I have had crohn's I have tried to exercise bought home workout equipment but always ended up giving up after a little while.

Does anyone know if it's a mental thing my own personal laziness or what could this be I have tried to exercise on and off over the years but always ended up back in my recliner and now I fel like crap about it.
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Yes, I know the feeling well. I started exercising by going to a personal trainer, which locked the habit in. Then took up cycling, which completely changed how I live in a city for the better. Once the weight started to fall off, and the fear of the discomfort reduced, I started to feel my body and how good it felt after working out. Now I exercise at least 1 hour a day, usually more. Finding a sport you like takes the slog out of it. The first few days are the hardest. Try to establish a habit, just by going through the motions. Do 10 pushups and some skipping. Look up an online trainer like redefining strength on youtube and do one of her 5 minute workouts gently. Its a lot harder than people think. Its also a lot more rewarding, and for me loosing weight and getting fit was half the battle of getting symptom free with Crohns.

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