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Survey: Chocolate for Crohn's

My name is InÍs. I am currently attending my last year of high school in Lisbon, Portugal.
For our Biology class me and my group have to develop a project, much like a thesis, with a practical application in society. Since we have cases on our families and Crohn's is not something which is talked about much, we've decided to focus our project on it and what better way to do that, than through chocolate?

We are trying to create a chocolate without caffeine, lactose and other ingredients that in many cases worsen your symptoms. We hope to at least raise some awareness in our school about Crohn's. In any case, we need your help. This survey is to collect information on what symptoms are the most common and about your diets and chocolate preferences.I hope you can spend five minutes of your time helping us.

Have a great day!

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This chocolate already exists: https://www.google.com/express/produ...458731_9359450

100% (!) cocoa. Just cocoa beans and coca butter in quarter sized disks. Taste is somewhat funny for the first time (bitter and sorrow) but for me it is rather a pro than con - you just can't eat more than few of disks at a time - it limits =) No crohn's worsening or whatever compared to other chocolates full of soy lecithin and such. Cheers.



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