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Which exercise we can't do?

As the title says I would like to know which exercise as pacient of crohn's disease can't do?
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Hello, I just realised that nobody seems to have gotten back to you.

I assume that everyone is very different, given the variability of severity and symptoms at any given time. I don't think there could be a blanket suggestion of which exercises are "good" and which ones were "bad". The considerations for someone with an ostomy may be quite different for someone without an ostomy, for instance.

In general, I know that's it's common to experience joint pain, so "high impact" exercise like running may aggravate that. I've often heard swimming suggested as a good form of exercise when experiencing joint troubles. I wouldn't know personally, since I never learned to swim, for some reason!

I know that higher intensity exercise can be difficult when having an acute flare of symptoms, given the fatigue, pain, and difficulty consuming enough calories. I've been advised to try to continue with lighter exercise (e.g: walking) when experiencing a flare.

I have had some suggestions for exercising after having open abdominal surgery for Crohn's, which many people require. Exercises which put pressure on the core abdominal muscles may increase the risk of hernia, so I was advised to refrain from strenuous core exercises (e.g: sit-ups) for a while after surgery. I imagine that the risk of developing a hernia diminishes as the abdominal muscles heal, but I'm not entirely sure about that. I currently have few symptoms of active disease, and am able to lift dumbbell weights and do cardio exercises without notable difficulty or pain.

As always, it's good to speak to your doctor about healthy exercise. I imagine they'd be more than happy to suggest something based on as assessment of your condition. Some people can even perform at a very high level: there are Olympic weightlifters with Crohn's!
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Many thanks for answering my post
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Hi Carina0,

For me, I always was careful after surgery for several months. I think most of all you need to listen to your body. If it hurts you, stop doing that exercise. Also make sure not to work out so hard so that you are feeling run down. Start with easy stuff like walking or hikes and move to the next level according to how your body feels.

One step at a time.

Wishing you the very best,

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Hey, saw this post and I thought I'd respond. To qualify myself, I'm a personal trainer, it's what I do, hehe.

First of all, the evidence suggests that exercise is good for people with Crohn's Disease. The only issue is over exerting yourself. IE exercising intensely 7 days a week, ect. For instance, I just had a minor flare. I'm coming out of it now and getting back into my routine of 6 days of lifting a week. Normally I workout hard for at least an hour. Since I'm just coming back, I've only been doing 30 minutes. As others have said, listen to your body, but at the same time don't be afraid to push yourself a bit!

As far as exercises in general. Anytime you do anything do to with abs, crunches, sit ups, planks, ect...if you're in a flare or even if not, be near a bathroom. :P Basically, there's not specific exercises that you shouldn't do with Crohn's, just some that might send you running to the restroom a bit faster. If you've recently had surgery obviously that's an entirely different story.

My advice always is, do what you can. Some days you may only feel up to a walk, others you can pound out an hour lifting session.

I've put together some exercise basics for Crohn's in this video if you'd like to check it out. I hope that helps!!


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