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Strenous exercise and crohn's

Hi all, I'm looking for input from anyone who likes to push themselves physically. What steps do you take before, during and after your chosen activity to maintain your health and energy levels? I wear out a lot faster than I used to and want to extend the amount of time doing the activities I enjoy.
I mountain bike, hike and want to start kayaking as well. Usually a few hours and I'm pretty much done. Would like to double that if possible.

Any diet, vitamin, supplement advice is welcome.
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Listen to your body. It's about recovery. Over time your work capacity will increase. If you feel good push a little harder but know when to back off.
If I know I haven't been able to eat I can't go hard....I still do something to move the body. Same with sleep....very important in recovery. Stay well hydrated and eat a healthy diet.

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