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Scared to be pregnant

Does anyone or did anyone have a fear of passing their disease to their child? I want to have a family, but I couldn't forgive myself if I passed down my illness to my kid and they go through the hell that I went through. What are the odds of it? How did you guys have a healthy pregnancy?

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My grandmother (I think) has some sort of version of IBD. She had 4 daughters and all have been healthy. Even if IBD happens to carry in every other generation your baby could be a carrier like my mom was. Which is how I got IBD.

I guess what I'm saying, is there are many things that can be passed to your child. Whether it be IBD, Diabetes or any other disease out there, you never know what your baby may be born with. I myself and my husband chose not to have kids. But, if we had we'd just ask that our babies be as healthy as possible!

There is a saying somewhere about IBD pregnancies. 1/3 get worse, 1/3 get better and 1/3 stay the same. For me, it's possible that I'd be the 1/3 that got worse because I'd had a horrible flare and I've always been underweight to boot. The healthier you are is always better for your baby!
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I raised 3 kids (2 pregnancies). I never got sick once from anything. My husband was helpful when the kids were sick, as well we had a babysitter who would come over or stay if they were sick. Soon enough, the kids themselves looked out for me! Anyway, now I've been successfully treated for the phobia...and look forward to time with grandkids even if they are sick!

Children are an absolutely wonderful gift from God. I love all three of them to pieces (they're 30, 21, and 19 now). Their lives have enriched my life more than you can imagine.

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