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Crohn's arthritis flare in pregnancy?

Long time lurker, first time poster. If this is in the wrong spot please let me know! I am (super excitingly!) 8 weeks pregnant and Crohn's-wise doing okay, but my arthritis has literally been crippling me. I've always struggled with it since I was first diagnosed, but since becoming pregnant it's like an arthritis switch has been flipped in me. Barely a day goes past without a joint being in searing pain, but only for a day or so before it migrates to another spot. It's mostly been my hands and arms/shoulders. Has anyone else experienced this? My specialist says the infliximab should be controlling this, but I'm not convinced... I saw a rheumatologist a while back (pre-pregnancy) and no damage was happening to my joints (which is good to know). Would love to hear if anyone else has experienced this while pregnant and how you coped. Am managing with just heat packs and a very sympathetic partner at the moment! Thanks in advance 😊

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