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New Supplement Works

I recently started using Aloe Select and Xtra from a company called Univera. I'm feeling better, my stools are now fully solid for the first time in a very long time. My afternoon crashes where I was getting weak and dizzy and would sleep for two hours are nearly gone. I don't need to sleep it off any more.

A friend of mine and her grandmother she lives with have been using them for over a year and each rave about their success. My friend is now an associate and promotes the products.

They are pricey. I paid $200 ($193 plus tax) for the starter package. But if they work as well as I think they are, there is no price in getting into remission for the first time since diagnosis in 10/16. I'm also tapering off of
Budesonide, a gut specific steroid. So perhaps the are working in concert together.

And if they do work, I will become a successful associate, like my friend and get my products for free.

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Excellent news! It's wonderful that the products are relieving your symptoms. That's every Crohn's patient's goal. However, the symptoms often do not follow the actual state of the disease very closely. The disease can still be progressing while the symptoms are getting better. Thus, I suggest that you follow-up with your GI to have your disease assessed via blood and stool tests, and possibly colonoscopy, to make sure you are in true remission and not just masking the symptoms with the supplement while the damage to your gut still continues to accumulate.
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Aloe has been studied in U.C already and some patients have achieved remission!! most or all had improvement!!
dosage was 100ml of aloe vera gel 2x a day for 4 weeks.

The vitamin shoppe sells this stuff

I have not tried this yet for crohns.
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