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Surgery experiences

Hello all,

Well, the time has finally come for me to face the knife. I had a bad abscess about 2.5 years ago that left me with a ton of scar tissue. It has taken THAT long for that area to feel normal again. Then again, Iím not even sure what normal feels like anymore. The cycle is strange. The muscles surrounding the area on the side of where the infection was will get tight / achy, then a small spot of blood will appear on the scar. After the area heals, it feels like there is less scar tissue, and the surrounding area ends up feeling a lot better overall. Iíve had two different CRSs inspect the area with an anoscope, and everything looked good. Iím skeptical. At this point, I think itís safe to say I have a fistula. Got a third opinion from a reputable CRS, and he is all but certain that I have one. Iím pretty anxious about the surgery. Any positive surgical experiences will definitely help set my mind at ease. I think what scares me the most is that some folks have to have a temporary Illeostomy in order to get these things fully repaired. Nature can have a sick sense of humor sometimes, thatís for sure! Iím not sure if I have IBD, so Iím going to request a colonoscopy, as well.

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