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B12 blood test query

Hi all,

Potentially stupid question alert.

My IBD nurse has sent me a form in the post to get my B12 checked. I can only get the blood test done on a Thursday as phlebotomy at the hospital is open late, but the problem is Iím leaving work early tomorrow as it is to go and get my B12 jab and itís already a week overdue.

Should I cancel the B12 and rebook for after Iíve had the blood test so itís taken when the B12 is actually due, or would it be ok to get the B12 and then go straight for the blood test after?

If they are checking the amount my body has in stores then does it matter when I get it done in relation to the dosing schedule? I have no idea how this works but just want the blood test to be a true reflection.

Thanks in advance.


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It might be appropriate to get the blood level done first and then check with your doctor
before having the B12 injection
The doctor may wish to adjust the dosage based on the test results.

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