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As we all know having IBD is challenging enough but when that person with IBD is a child then the challenges can be even more difficult to deal with. One of the problems that many parent's face is diet and how to provide appropriate and adequate food/nutrition for your child as they transition through the different phases of this disease.

This is a place to post your tips, recipes, successes, failures anything really that relates to IBD and diet/eating!

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I'll share what my mom did for me while I was in a flare (keep in mind I was 9 years old and not really a picky eater).

Diet: My GI at the time had her basically follow a low residue diet also similar to the BRAT (bananas, rice, apple sauce and toast) diet. Basically nothing fried, nothing spicy (minimal pepper, I liked spicy things and this was as close as I could get, white pepper may work better since its a fine powder rather than larger pieces that you get with ground black pepper), no skins or seeds on veggies or fruits, no fat or skin on meats, minimal oil or butter, no nuts (a little peanut butter was ok) and no raw fruits (bananas were ok) or vegetables.

Meals would mostly bake a chicken breast (or white fish with butter and lemon) with a little seasoning (like salt, little pepper, and maybe onion or garlic powder), have rice on the side with a little butter on top and a colorful vegetable like spinach (cooked with, lemon, salt, butter). I would also eat brussel sprouts, squash, sweet potatoes (baked) etc. All veggies were steamed so you don't lose all the nutrients like you do with boiling them. The more colorful they are, the more nutrients they contain (if you're going to go with beets, try to get the yellow or orange beets cause red ones might freak you out).

were like toast with a little butter and jelly (seedless always), pudding, apple sauce, toast with butter cinnamon and sugar, and jello etc.

were tea (I was fine with any kind but camomile was my favorite), little juice, water and sometimes soda but no more than 8 ounces (I got some like once or twice a week).

Things I didn't digest well were corn, peas, green beans, nuts, seeds etc.
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Thanks for posting that Crabby,
I have to say out of all the diets that I've seen,
your has to be the most logical for my farm family.
My little Grace is still undiagnosed.
I was JUST telling my husband that we need to do something to help her even if the GI doesn't right now.
I think diet is the best options to look at.
Of coarse the family has to be aboard.

At least the BRAT diet is something my husband will like. I hope?

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HI Jennifer,
So relieved to see your post! The flu has done a number on my daughter and I'm overwhelmed with worry. Our daily diet looks a lot like you've described. How / what steps did you take to expand the food options? Walking in a grocery store is overwhelming me. She (and siblings) react to and don't like so many foods. Can't have bananas here. She's starting to say she doesn't like rice anymore. Some pastas bother her tummy. potatoes bother her tummy. It feels like we've been on the "rest the tummy" diet for so loong that I just don't know what or how to introduce anymore. Any suggestions?
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Hi OntarioMum and welcome to the forum. Has your daughter been diagnosed with Crohn's and been feeling worse since she got the flu?

Anything can be made low residue, even lasagne etc. What does she like to eat? Find a recipe for that and make every ingredient low residue. Here's some more info on the low residue diet: http://www.crohnsforum.com/wiki/Low-Residue-Diet.

If anything bothers her tummy then write it down and stop making it. You can try to reintroduce this stuff later down the road when she's feeling better but only one item at a time so you know for sure whether or not she can eat it. She may be gluten intolerant. Has she been tested for Celiac? http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/celiac-disease/DS00319

Does she like any fruits and veggies at all? Whichever veggies she does like remove the skins and seeds and either steam them or you can make a soup out of them (I find soups and stews easier to handle during a flare). For fruits my mom didn't steam them herself but usually bought them canned. I like the canned peaches myself.

How old is your daughter? I was 9 at the time and was not a picky eater so I ate mostly what my mom made for me. Sometimes I'd go shopping with my mom and she would ask me if I saw anything I wanted to try then she would try to prepare it in a way that would be easy on my system. Yet usually if something new was introduced it was only by one item at a time.

Also, my mom made meals for me that were separate from what everyone else ate usually. Sometimes everyone else would have the same thing but more often then not my meal was completely different than what my dad, mom and siblings would eat. I don't know if that's something you're doing already.

Keep us posted on how she's doing.
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Thanks Jennifer, Just need to take a deep breath sometimes. We had a diagnosis this past August and I'm finding I'm overwhelmed at the food process and monitoring now.
Recently she was ill. She's better now, but again I'm overwhelmed at the process of adding new items. She's 14 though, and so is a great help in telling me what works and what doesn't work for her. I'm just fighting the guilt that maybe something I've fed her may have triggered this.
Starting again at the beginning. All will be fine. Glad to have registered and to be able to ask questions from others now.
Thanks again!

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